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St Mary's Church Westwell

Westwell Church

The most westerly well in Oxfordshire, Westwell boasts a beautiful church standing in a lush green churchyard.
In the Springtime the snowdrops all but cover the graves.

We do not have a village hall so our homes or the church are the only places to meet up.

Our Village
In the centre of the village there is a pond providing a natural habitat for frogs, toads, minnows, dragonflies and visiting ducks. Many years ago, this pond was a watering hole for farm animals. Westwell's population is around 58, including weekenders. Almost all of the old farm buildings have now been converted into homes and the old workers' cottages sold off and extended, making them far larger with fewer residents; the space and comfort the larger families of years ago would have been delighted with.

For further information please contact:
Moray Angus 01993 822772 or moray@ebla.co.uk