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Baptism Information

We warmly welcome parents to bring their children to be baptized at the churches within the benefice. Children are normally baptized at their local parish church or the church the parents normally attend. We celebrate baptisms during our regular Sunday services (normally lasting one hour).

For information on Baptism and the application form, please contact our benefice administartor by emailing shillvalley.broadshire@aol.co.uk
When we have received your completed application form, the minister baptizing your child will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss the service.
For more general information on baptism you can also consult the Church of England website at:

Wedding Information

Within the Shill Valley and Broadshires benefice we are able to marry couples where one person has a link to one of the churches within the benefice.

The marriage service normally takes about 45 minutes (including signing the register) and the couple can choose the hymns or we can help you to choose them. The service also includes a reading from the Bible, and we can make suggestions for this. There will be a rehearsal of the service, usually a day or two before the wedding. It is all very straightforward and the minister will talk you through it on the day.

To get married in church you will need to have your 'banns' of marriage read out in your local parish church and the church you wish to get married in. This is to ensure that you may get married legally - that you are not already married, are brother and sister, etc. This involves a declaration being read out in church to the effect that you intend to get married and if anyone knows a reason why should not be allowed to, they must declare it. The banns will be read out on three consecutive Sundays within three months of your wedding.

For more information on marriage services, banns and fees please contact our benefice administrator by emailing shillvalley.broadshire@aol.co.uk

The Church of England also have a helpful website which covers much of the details of having your wedding in church:

Memorials in Church yards
We hope the following documents will provide useful information when planning a Memorial.
For further assistance or information, please contact us using the information on the 'Our Team' page.
Memorial Guidelines
Memorial Agreement