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St Matthew's Church Langford

Langford Church

The Church is an amazing example of the Saxon traditions with the oldest parts being the bell tower and the nave, showing the highest quality of work undertaken by Saxon masons leaving the most important Saxon remains in Oxfordshire. Later additions in the 12th, 13th and 15th Centuries make it the magnificent Church that you see today. Taken as a whole the architecture and historic interest of St Matthews Church make it one of the most fascinating pre-Norman churches in the entire country, and an exceptional Grade I listed building. The church building is usually open during daylight hours.

Our Village
Langford was listed as a royal estate in the Doomsday survey of 1086 and at that time was centred around the Saxon church of St. Matthew's. During the 17th Century, the centre of building and population shifted slightly to the North West, around the site of the current War Memorial, at the intersection of local roads to Filkins and Lechlade.

Around here you will find many of the village's fine listed buildings, which were of mixed status and function when first built, but all of which have retained a high degree of architectural cohesion, giving Langford its special character. Langford has however not stood still and new housing has continued to be built, including a recently completed development for the local community, and the village remains a vibrant place with St Christopher's School, an active Village Hall, allotments, Cricket Club and of course The Bell.

If you would like to know more, please contact one of the churchwardens.
Anne Hitchens 01367 810684 or aahichens@gmail.com
Denise Kemp 01367 860176