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St George's Church Kelmscott

Kelmscott Church

"The existence of Kelmscott has never been convincingly accounted for - it appears at some unknown time, simply to have occurred."

St George's, Kelmscott is tucked away in the far west corner of the county of Oxfordshire and is part of the Benefice of Shill Valley and Broadshire. The church is a simple rustic building, the nave and chancel being built in the late 12th century and the transepts being added in the mid 13th century.

One service a month, Parish Communion, is held at 10.30 am on the first Sunday of each month.

Our Village
The population of Kelmscott is just over 100. It is a small, friendly and very caring community. About a third of the properties are rented from the Church Commissioners, National Trust and the Society of Antiquaries; the latter owning Kelmsott Manor one-time home of William Morris, 'father' of the Arts and Crafts Movement. He is buried in the churchyard. St George's, which relies heavily on the donations received from the visitors to the Manor which is open during the summer months.

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